Biennial Report:

Meaningful Change
Measurable Results

judith_headshot.jpgJudith Meyers
President and CEO, 
Child Health and Development Institute of CT and the Children’s Fund of CT 

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the 2014 and 2015 online biennial report for the Child Health and Development Institute (CHDI) and our parent organization, the Children’s Fund of Connecticut. The report features ways we have advanced meaningful changes and delivered measurable results so that our State’s systems, policies, and practices work better for Connecticut’s children and families.

During the two-year period covered by this report (October 2013-September 2015), the State’s focus on strategic planning in the areas of children’s mental health, early childhood, and health care provided unique opportunities to redesign and improve systems and services for children. CHDI played a significant role in developing and supporting system-wide plans in each of these areas, working with partners across state agencies, community members, providers, and advocates.

In addition, CHDI and CFC were instrumental in advancing innovations in child health care services such as care coordination collaboratives, mid-level developmental assessments and maternal depression screening. Our work in children’s mental health resulted in more children benefitting from evidence-based children’s mental health practices, trauma-informed care, and school-based mental health care. In early care and education settings, we supported workforce development improvements that promote infant mental health, ensure safe medication administration, and identify children’s health, developmental, and behavioral concerns as early as possible.

These are just a few highlights of our work to improve systems, policies and practices so that children in Connecticut have access to comprehensive, high quality, community-based health and mental health services. I encourage you to explore this biennial website for more information about how our work advances meaningful change and measurable results so that all children have the best opportunity to thrive.

Judith Meyers
President and CEO


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About CHDI

Ensuring healthier outcomes for children through effective policies, stronger systems, and improved practice.

The Child Health and Development Institute of Connecticut (CHDI) and our parent organization, the Children’s Fund of Connecticut, advance changes that result in improved outcomes for Connecticut’s children.

Together, we help children reach their full potential by building stronger health, mental health, and early care systems that provide a sturdy foundation from the start, so children can thrive now and in the future.

We maximize children’s potential in three keys ways:

  • >  Build Strong Foundations in Early Childhood
  • >  Improve Health and Well-Being
  • >  Promote Optimal Mental Health

Learn more about CHDI’s mission, history and work by exploring our website.

Meaningful Change. Measurable Results.

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Mental Health

Connecting More Children to Effective Mental Health Treatment


What We Do

  • Help Children Recover from Trauma
  • Improve Mental Health Treatment
  • Build Schools' Capacity to Address Behavioral Health
  • Transform Connecticut's Mental Health System


In addition to their physical health, children’s positive development depends on their social and emotional well-being. CHDI improves access to quality children’s mental health services by identifying and implementing effective models of treatment and advancing behavioral health system changes so children can thrive. 

About the Children’s Fund of Connecticut

A champion for children’s health

The Children’s Fund of Connecticut, a public charitable foundation, is dedicated to improving children’s health and well-being. To carry out this mission, the Children’s Fund champions sustainable system, policy and practice improvements through grant making and though the work of its non-profit subsidiary, the Child Health and Development Institute of Connecticut (CHDI). 

The Children’s Fund serves as a financial catalyst and CHDI translates the Fund’s mission into action. Together, they advance a comprehensive health care system in Connecticut that promotes children’s optimal health, development, and well-being.

Learn more about the Children’s Fund of CT (a supporting organization of Connecticut Children’s Medical Center) by visiting


Transforming Health Services for Children


What We Do

  • Ensure Health Reform Benefits Children
  • Initiate Systems Innovations
  • Improve Pediatric Primary Care
  • Advance a Medical Home Model of Care


Ensuring healthy outcomes for children begins with health promotion and early detection of concerns. 

CHDI advances primary care practice improvements that ensure the promotion of good health, early detection of concerns, and connection of children to specialty and community services that contribute to long-term health and well-being.

Early Childhood

Ensuring the Best Start for Children

What We Do

  • Construct Strong Foundations for Children
  • Ensure Young Children Grow Up at a Healthy Weight
  • Help Children Stay on Track
  • Promote Health & Safety in Child Care
  • Engage Communities

Visit to learn more.


Early experiences profoundly influence a child’s ability to grow up healthy and succeed in school and later in life. 

By integrating health and mental health into early childhood systems, CHDI supports the optimal development of young children where they live, learn and play.

FY 2014 - 2015 Financials


Financial Summary


The Children’s Fund of Connecticut, Inc. and Subsidiary* 

Consolidated Statement of Financial Position 
September 30, 2015 and 2014

  2015 2014
Total Assets $33,136,351  $36,013,397 
Total Liabilities 855,204  850,681 
Total Net Assets 32,281,147  35,162,716 
Total Liabilities and Net Assets $33,136,351  $36,013,397 



The Children’s Fund of Connecticut, Inc. and Subsidiary* 

Consolidated Statement of Activities
Years Ended September 30, 2015 and 2014

  2015 2014
Changes in Unrestricted Net Assets    
Total operating support &  revenue $7,204,345  $9,319,382 
Less Total Expenses 6,556,983  6,200,913 
Unrealized loss on investments (3,525,449) (1,794,439)
(Decrease) increase in unrestricted net assets (2,878,087) 1,324,030 
Changes in Temporarily Restricted Net Assets    
Decrease in temporarily restricted net assets (3,482) (291,976)
Change in Net Assets (2,881,569) 1,032,054 
Net Assets, Beginning of Year 35,162,716  34,130,662 
Net Assets, End of Year $32,281,147  $35,162,716 



*The Child Health and Development Institute of Connecticut is a subsidiary of the Children’s Fund of Connecticut, a public charitable foundation that focuses its resources on developing comprehensive, effective community-based health and mental health care systems for children and their families.


Additional Financials


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Children's Fund of CT:

Additional Financials


Visit for financial details, including grantee list, auditor reports and IRS form 990’s.

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